In today’s fiercely competitive market, selecting the right supplier partner is critical to a factor’s success. It is no longer enough to tick some product features boxes, a factor now has to tick every box.

This is where EuroFlo and our ongoing developments and improvements deliver. EuroFlo is the only emissions programme that can deliver growth and uniqueness for a factor in a very complex product group allowing them to differentiate themselves over any competitor while strengthening their overall business offer.

EuroFlo’s advantages over our competitors have never been greater - we offer the biggest range, near 100% availability, competitive pricing, quality products, responsive range development, frequent same day back-up service and, of course, the best emissions catalogue in the industry.


EuroFlo’s range of Exhausts, Pre-Cat Front Pipes, Catalysts, Diesel Particulate Filters, Exhaust Fittings, Catalyst Fitting Kits and Consumables is already some 33% bigger than any other emissions supplier in the UK.

2015 has seen us launch more new part numbers than ever before and our intelligent range development programme has delivered 71 new and important references in the last 2 month, covering applications right up to 2015 such as the Transit Connect, Citroen Dispatch and Peugeot Expert. We are investing more than ever before on OE samples as we develop high quality new EuroFlo references for the aftermarket.

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